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Project Glow 2023 Review

We are back! Hello ravers of the universe, my name is AJ Hollywood and I'm glad to say that 2023 festival season is here! The Ravers Circle Podcast is back on our blogging duties. If you're new here, then welcome to the most informal, formal public…

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Decadence Colorado 2022 Recap

Happy New Year's to all of our fellow ravers in the universe! If you're reading this, welcome to the year 2023. I'm AJ Hollywood and I'll be doing a recap of the Decadence Colorado 2022. Now let's talk about NYE (New Year's Eve) weekend shall we? T…

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Ember Shores 2022 Review

Hello rave peeps, this is the one and only AJ Hollywood, back at it again with another event review! This time, we have Ember Shores up on the stage. Ember Shores was a curated event by electronic artist Illenium, who is a marquee name when it comes…

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A True

Hello fellow ravers, and yes I have an amazing review to give to the one and only Marvel Years. The highlight of the most recent show by Marvel Years & Trio was nothing short of fantastic. I'm not sure where to begin with this, but lets deep div…

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Lost Lands Music Festival 2022 (The Good, Bad, & Crazy)

This past weekend, Lost Lands Music Festival was held in Thornville, Ohio. Thousands upon thousands of attendees gathered for a weekend filled with bass music, featuring headlining artists Excision, Sullivan King, Svdden Death, Rezz, Illenium, Maura…

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High Ground Music & Arts Experience Review

Colorado has done it yet again, curating an amazing festival experience for lovers of electronic music. High Ground Music & Arts Experience was an absolute success, generating mostly positive reviews for those in attendance. The festival feature…

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