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Oct. 19, 2022

A True "Masterpiece" - Marvel Years & Marvel Years Trio at Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom

A True

Hello fellow ravers, and yes I have an amazing review to give to the one and only Marvel Years. The highlight of the most recent show by Marvel Years & Trio was nothing short of fantastic. I'm not sure where to begin with this, but lets deep dive into this shall we.

What I really enjoyed about this event, was that the lineup was absolutely solid. Deezy Le Phunk and Father Figure respectively set some unforgettable vibes throughout the night, treating us to their soothing sounds that felt absolutely blissful. These are two artists to definitely check out if you haven't. 

The stage production is something that should be discussed, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. What I appreciated was how underrated the venue's sound, and the fact that we got a live set from Marvel Years & Trio to complement that sound. Hearing the Marvel Years Trio with live instrumentation was reminder how I much loved these type of sets, and how this sound made me reminisce about my love of this type of music. Listening to tracks like Shades Onand Looking at the Future were a pleasure to hear and were my personal standouts that I enjoyed. All I could summarize in my head is that the most recent two-part EP series from Marvel Years titled Voyage Ahead, is the perfect type of music for this setting. The solo set by Marvel Years (Jason Leech) featured his amazing DJ set featuring his guitar sounds and sensational synths, while the trio set incorporated a mixture of the electric guitar, keys, and Colby Buckler'sgreat drumming. I felt that this was the perfect recipe of blended sounds, as the trio delivered a jaw-dropping performance to end the night. 

Being able to listen to the Voyage Aheadseries is one thing, but listening to it live with the multi-instrumentation of the project is something on a whole other level. I have to say, this is up there as best performances of 2022, by a mile! I would highly recommend to anyone that has not experience a Marvel Years/Marvel Years Trio set, to put it on their radar to see one in the near future. You surely will be amazed at the production and live elements that are involved. So what are you waiting for? Check out his music and make sure to check him/them out in a city/state near you!


Photo Credit: Marvel Years and Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom Team