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May 3, 2023

Project Glow 2023 Review

Project Glow 2023 Review

We are back!

Hello ravers of the universe, my name is AJ Hollywood and I'm glad to say that 2023 festival season is here! The Ravers Circle Podcast is back on our blogging duties. If you're new here, then welcome to the most informal, formal publication out there. Major thanks and appreciation to our regular followers of the podcast. 

Project Glow 2023 Initial Thoughts

Now, let's talk about our first festival experience of 2023. We had the pleasure of attending Insomniac's Project Glow festival. As this being The Ravers Circle first festival of 2023, it did not disappoint one bit. It is safe to say, that there was no Sophomore whatsoever. This was the second year of the festival (introduced in 2022) and it has a lot of positives from many of the attendees, including myself. My group thoroughly enjoyed the spaciousness of the festival, the abundance of vendors, and the all-around chill vibes. 

The Highs 

What I enjoyed most from this festival was that it wasn't just any Insomniac Events festival. You can tell that it had its' own unique feeling separate of the likes of a Beyond Wonderland, Hard Summer, or any of the Electric Daisy Carnival events. It had a very east coast vibe to it, of course with it being in Washington D.C. (salute to the nation's capital). There was a variety of people from veteran ravers, new ravers, and just casual festival goers. The vibes were immaculate and I have to mention how calm it felt being there. This was easily the most tame of a festival that I have ever experienced. That's not to say that there were not any incidents, as there are at every festival. However, it seems as if there was hardly anything to report on the negative side of things. The crowd was pretty good and I ran into no issues with people being rude and insufferable. Also, a highlight for me was the amount of food vendors there. There were a lot of good options and I was pleased that the lines moved fairly quickly as well. The group that I was with felt similarly in regard to the food (shoutout to Island Noodles). Finally, the music was absolutely on point. My friends and I got to see some amazing artists perform throughout the entire weekend. Starting with Day 1 of the festival, my personal standouts were Disco Lines, Kill The Noise, Gryffin, and NGHTMRE. Day 2 standouts were Timmy Trumpet, Madeon, Zeds Dead, and Dom Dolla B2B Green Velvet. I've pretty much heard from many in attendance that every artists played a good set, which was a pleasure to hear. Between the music and food alone, I was surely a happy camper. 


The Indifferent

As far as what I feel indifferent about, there's not really a whole lot. It did rain the day before the festival, so it made the grass areas where the entrance was very muddy. However, they did modify the entrances for Day 2 to avoid us getting our footwear even muddier. We can't control the weather, so that was hardly a complain. There was rain for Day 2 of the festival, but it was a light drizzle at best. I thought the parking situation was a bit odd, but it wasn't terrible and definitely not as hectic as past festivals that I've attended. Other than that, I honestly can't give any negatives or things that I feel indifferent about. 


Post Festival Thoughts

I had mentioned it earlier and I will mention it again, this was one of the most tame festivals that I have attended. If anything, I kind of lean towards Insomniac Event's two-day festivals over the three. Don't get me wrong, I still prefer a good three-day festival (cough cough, EDC Las Vegas) any day of the week. However, I am glad to have attended a chill two-day with a great group of people, delicious food, and phenomenal artists. If I leave a festival anticipating the next one, then that is a win in my book. Project Glow was definitely success and I can definitely see myself going back for year three. Insomniac Events has another great festival to add to their list for the future.


Photo Credit: Insomniac Events Team